Top 5 Little-Known Black Neurodivergent Support Groups in London (2024 Guide)

June 23, 2024

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Seeking out a community where you truly belong can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially for Black individuals navigating neurodivergence. Thankfully, London is home to some hidden gems that provide invaluable support and connection for Black neurodivergent folks. These groups focus on fostering a sense of belonging and empowering their members through shared experiences and understanding.

Whether you’re autistic, have ADHD, or identify with another form of neurodiversity, these groups offer a safe space where your unique journey is celebrated and supported. If you’ve been managing these challenges alone, it’s time to discover the vibrant and supportive communities that await you. Read on to uncover five under-the-radar support groups that might just be the lifeline you’ve been longing for.

Neurodiverse Connection

Black and Autistic Support Group

Discovering a community that really understands the unique challenges faced by Black autistic individuals can be a game-changer. The Neurodiverse Connection’s Black and Autistic Support Group is one such haven, where members can share experiences, find understanding, and build meaningful connections.

Group Overview

The Neurodiverse Connection’s Black and Autistic Support Group offers a safe and inclusive environment where Black autistic individuals can find support and community. This group focuses on creating a space where members can share their experiences without fear of judgement or misunderstanding. It offers:

  • Peer Support Members can share their stories and challenges in a supportive environment.
  • Workshops and Events Regular workshops on topics that matter to the community, such as navigating social situations and managing sensory sensitivities.
  • Mental Health Resources  Access to resources and support to help members manage their mental health.
  • Cultural Sensitivity Understanding the unique challenges faced by Black autistic individuals, including dealing with systemic racism and cultural expectations.

For more information, you can read about the launch of the Neurodiverse Connection’s Black and Autistic Support Group.

How to Join

Joining the Neurodiverse Connection’s Black and Autistic Support Group is straightforward and welcoming. Here’s how you can become a part of this vibrant community:

  1. Visit their Website: Head over to the Neurodiverse Connection website to learn more about the group and its offerings.
  2. Register Online: Fill out a simple registration form to express your interest in joining.
  3. Attend an Introductory Meeting: This initial meeting helps new members get acquainted with the group’s dynamics and meet other members.
  4. Engage and Participate: Regularly attend meetings and events to make the most of the support and resources available.

The group’s activities and updates are often posted on their LinkedIn page, so it’s also worth giving them a follow to stay informed.

This supportive group aims to make each member feel seen, heard, and valued. If you or someone you know could benefit from such a community, consider reaching out and joining today.

ADHD Babes Empowering Black Women with ADHD

ADHD Babes is an inspiring and empowering community group specifically for Black women and non-binary individuals with ADHD. Let’s explore how this group is making a difference.

Mission and Vision

ADHD Babes aims to create safe and supportive spaces where Black women and non-binary people with ADHD can thrive. The mission is to provide a welcoming environment where members can feel understood and valued. Their vision includes:

  • Creating Safe Spaces: They focus on building environments where members can share their experiences without fear of judgement.
  • Empowerment: ADHD Babes strives to empower its members by offering insights and strategies to manage ADHD effectively.
  • Community Building: They believe in the power of community and work towards fostering strong connections amongst members.

To learn more about their mission, visit their About Us page.

Community Activities

ADHD Babes offers a variety of activities that help build community and provide support for managing ADHD:

  • Workshops and Webinars They organise events to educate and support members on different aspects of ADHD. Topics include organisation tips, mental health strategies, and self-care routines.
  • Support Groups Regular support group meetings allow members to share their experiences and learn from each other in a safe environment.
  • Social Events Fun events such as picnics and movie nights help members connect and build friendships.
  • Online Resources  They provide valuable online resources, including blog posts and articles, that offer practical advice and inspiration.

For more details on how you can become a member and participate in their activities, visit their Become a Member page.

Autistic Black Coders

If you’re Black and rocking the autism spectrum, then Autistic Black Coders in London is your place to be. It’s a chill zone where you can link up with other people who get what you’re going through, especially in coding.

What’s the Deal?

Autistic Black Coders isn’t about labels or fitting into boxes. It’s about being yourself, finding your people, and getting the support you need to improve your life and coding skills. Here’s what they’ve got for you:

  • Groups to Talk It Out Connect with other autistic coders of colour in a safe space. Share your stories, vent frustrations, swap code tips, and celebrate successes together.
  • Learn Something New Check out workshops and events where you can boost your knowledge about autism, coding, and the tech industry. They’ll even help you understand tricky things like job interviews and workplace dynamics.
  • Feeling Down? They’ve got counsellors who can lend an ear and help you manage those challenging emotions that can come with being autistic and a coder.
  • Speaking Up for You The crew advocates for autistic coders of colour. They’re your voice when you need them to be, especially in the tech world.
  • Bootcamps to Boost Your Skills Get hands-on coding experience and learn from industry pros in their intensive bootcamps.
  • Mentoring That Matters Connect with experienced coders who can guide you through your career journey and offer personalised advice.
  • Job Hunting Help They’ll help you navigate the job market, polish your resume, and prepare for interviews. You can also gain help from Purple CV

Wanna Join the Crew?

You’re not alone in this. Autistic Black Coders is where you can find acceptance, support, friendship, and a community of fellow coders who understand your unique perspective. 

If you’re ready to connect with others who get it, check them out.Autistic Black Coders community, hit up via email (they are still building their website so you can check out their IG page

Signup to their 1st in person event



Black SEN Mamas UK (SEN Mamas CIC)

Black SEN Mamas UK (SEN Mamas CIC) is a dynamic organisation dedicated to empowering Black mothers of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). This group is a vital resource for those navigating the complexities of raising SEND children within the Black community. Here’s what they offer:

Empowerment and Support for Black SEND Mothers

Support for Black SEND mothers is at the core of Black SEN Mamas UK. They recognise the unique challenges faced by these mothers and provide tailored support through:

  • Therapeutic Interventions These interventions are designed to address the specific mental health needs of SEND mothers, offering a safe space for emotional and psychological support.
  • SEND Law Advocacy Black SEN Mamas UK provides crucial advocacy services to help mothers understand and navigate SEND laws, ensuring their children receive the appropriate educational support.
  • Secure Suitable Accommodation They assist in finding and securing suitable housing for families, addressing one of the critical needs of SEND mothers.
  • Community and Peer Support Through various support groups and community events, mothers can connect, share experiences, and build a supportive network.
  • Resource Sharing They offer a wealth of information, from educational resources to practical tips, helping mothers manage the day-to-day challenges of raising SEND children.

For more information, visit their website or join their community events

Website –

Contact –


Neuroenigma stands out as an innovative organisation, offering a comprehensive resource and community platform tailored specifically for individuals with ADHD, dyslexia, and other neurodivergent conditions. Its unique creation is driven by the need to provide not just support and tools, but also a strong sense of community for neurodivergent professionals and business owners.

  • Provide a safe space for professionals and business owners with ADHD, dyslexia, and other neurodivergent conditions
  • Facilitate career and business mentorship
  • Offer group coaching calls and networking opportunities
  • Promote mental health and well-being
  • Provide resources such as videos, expert advice, and self-help tools

The platform was meticulously developed to address the unique challenges faced by neurodivergent individuals in professional and business settings. The emphasis on creating a supportive community and providing practical resources is a testament to the founder, Sarah Olaifa, ‘s deep understanding and acknowledgement of the gaps in existing support systems for neurodivergent adults in the workplace, providing relief that your challenges are understood and addressed.

Sarah also has a podcast called Divine Enigma, which she uses to talk to experts about career development and business from a neurodivergent perspective.

For more detailed information about the inspiration behind NeuroEnigma email


The journey of finding the right support can be overwhelming, especially for Black neurodivergent individuals in London. Yet, as we’ve explored, there are vibrant and welcoming communities ready to embrace you.

These groups are more than just meetups; they are sanctuaries where shared experiences forge powerful connections. Whether it’s the Neurodiverse Connection’s focus on cultural sensitivity, ADHD Babes’ empowerment of Black women, or Autistic Black Coders supporting the ideas of tech and neurodiversity, each group brings something unique to the table.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back. Exploring these communities can open doors to friendships, support, and understanding that you never knew existed.

Join these groups, participate in their activities, and discover a world where your neurodiversity is celebrated. Let’s continue building inclusive spaces where everyone can thrive together.

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