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May 6, 2024

Building an Inclusive Future for Autistic Coders

Embarking on a journey from eager coder to independent freelancer, our returning guest Oluwaseye lays out the blueprint for navigating the tech world while honouring their neurodiversity. They delve into the nuances of building a thriving client base, crafting a website for an online service business, and balancing freelance work with their unique needs. This episode promises a roadmap for those seeking to marry their personal aspirations with their professional pursuits, all while defying the traditional job hunt in favour of self-sufficiency.We unpack the complexities that accompany neurodiversity in the corporate sphere, exploring how the pressures and expectations of traditional roles can often clash with the needs of those on the spectrum. Our discussion spotlights a potential disconnect between the inclusive policies flaunted by corporations and the everyday realities faced by neurodiverse employees. But there's a silver lining – the entrepreneurial path emerges as a beacon of flexibility, focusing on tools and methods like Grammarly and Speechify that have become crucial allies in managing a neurodivergent workload.Finally, we turn the spotlight on the Autistic Black Coders initiative, a testament to
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Apr 28, 2024
Neurodiversity, Misophonia,

Beyond Misophonia: Understanding Neurodiversity with Erin Mather

Erin is a digital marketing apprentice working with her mum to create "Neuro Network", which is a networking platform for neurodivergent business owners. She also created her graphics design business, Ethereal Creative Design.  Neuro Network consists of small groups of neurodiverse business owners who connect in a safe familiar space where they can be authentic unlike in a more neurotypical business environment. Erin has always felt different from childhood when she had immense difficulty making friends. She also later noticed she had a very strong reaction to certain sounds like chewing which she discovered was called Misophonia, a condition her mum already had. In addition, she has Misokinesia where repetitive movement is the trigger for the reaction. The reaction can be physically disabling as it impedes the ability to think and may even instigate suicidal thoughts. A very similar occurrence is seen in OCD too. Sarah hopes to have a workshop with Erin for neurodiverse business owners to network. Interested listeners can fill out the form below.  Sarah has now launched her membership platform "NeuroEnigma", where neurodiverse people can have a supportive
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Apr 21, 2024

A Holistic Approach to Fitness and Neurodiversity Among Black Women

Have you ever considered how a high-achieving childhood might mask the whirlwind of ADHD? This revelation hit my former fitness coach, Cookie, like a thunderclap, sparking a shift from medication to natural supplementation and influencing her holistic coaching approach. Join us as Cookie opens up about her personal battle with ADHD and how she's channeling her understanding of hormonal balance and nutrition to revolutionize fitness coaching. Her story is a profound testament to harnessing self-awareness and finding personalized strategies that resonate with one's lifestyle and professional aspirations.The landscape of neurodiversity is rich and varied, yet too often, some voices go unheard. Today, we're amplifying those voices, particularly those of Black women like Cookie, who navigate the complexities of ADHD. We reflect on the impact of racial tensions on mental health and the importance of tailoring fitness and coaching practices to meet the unique needs of Black women. This episode is a crucial intersectional exploration, shedding light on the multifaceted experiences of neurodiversity within our communities.Ever felt the need to mask who you are to fit in? This conversation is for
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Apr 14, 2024

Anfaani App Founder: Overcoming Stigma & Thriving with ADHD as a Black Woman

Motunrayo Oyetunji, Founder and CEO of the mental well-being app "Anfaani". Motunrayo describes her passion for supporting black women in thriving in their mental health through different therapeutic techniques Somatic therapy examines the correlation between physical and mental states. It combines psychotherapeutic and physical techniques for holistic healing.  Somatic therapy focuses on the mind-body relationship; hence, the Anfaani app combines physical and psychotherapeutic modalities to improve mental well-being. The problem of stigma and religious perceptions still constrain many from reaching out for therapy. Motunrayo was intentional about finding a black female therapist, which was eventually beneficial to her. This was a part of the reason for creating an app to cater to the mental health struggles among black women. NeuroBoost Double Bodying for procrastination: create awareness of neurodiversity through this podcast as you like 👍🏾, share, subscribe and click the 🔔 bell to get updates on new videos.●      Connect with Motunrayo: Anfaani Website (, Email (, LinkedIn (Motunrayo Oyetunji), Instagram (@Anfaani_inc, @ajikeajoke), Twitter (@Anfaani_inc ), 
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Mar 17, 2024

From Mother to Daughter: Embracing Neurodiversity this Mother's Day

Sarah's mum was diagnosed with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia at University. Although she no longer pays much attention to it post-retirement, she has noticed she procrastinates more which she is learning may be part of her neurodiversity. The stigma of neurodiversity has been present since the younger years of Sarah's mum and is still there now. Although people choose to respond differently to this, Sarah believes it is crucial to see neurodiversity as a disability in order to admit that help is needed. Notably, not all neurodiversity can be diagnosed by a general practitioner and this makes it cumbersome. Dyslexia often has to be diagnosed by an Educational psychologist, unlike ADHD which can be more easily diagnosed with medications prescribed to manage it. Because of this, a lot of people may be struggling through life because of their neurodiversity, completely unaware of it. This is also the reason why after getting a diagnosis, the tools must be available as quickly as possible, especially at work. Employers should be equipped with knowledge and resources to work with neurodivergent professionals. The lack of these tools
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Mar 3, 2024

Dyslexia Demystified: Insights for Success

Our guest today, Arije-Aike De Haas, is a YouTuber who is also dyslexic and has reached over 3 million people through his occupational content for dyslexics. He initially wrote about Video Education for Dyslexics during his M.A. but kept going since he got feedback from people who wanted to know more. He was hesitant to help people initially because he was unsure; however, he pushed himself because he understood the impact it would have on them. He now offers coaching for dyslexic adults.Right from when he started learning to read, Arije noticed his learning differed from that of his mates. He also had to be given special attention to aid his learning in school, which showed him that he was not like other kids. Eventually, he was diagnosed at a centre in Holland and had regular visits to learn the fundamentals of living with Dyslexia. There are mental health issues linked to neurodiversity, one of which is Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria (RSD). Arije offers tailored coaching to neurodiverse individuals, focusing on what has happened in their childhood. Sarah and Arije are working on a
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Feb 18, 2024

Black & Neurodivergent

Today's guest is the author of the book Black and Neurodiverse, Oluseyitan Ojedokun. Her book was partly inspired by some experiences growing up as a Nigerian. She realized there was inadequate information about blacks, so she decided to learn more about it and wrote a book. Seyi's parents were quite accepting and supportive when she got her diagnosis. She was continuously reminded to maximize the resources available to her, boosting her academic performance. Sarah's parents were worried about the stigma that would come with struggling in school, so they adopted private classes to support her. Sarah was diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADD in her twenties. Seyi's academic life was affected by her neurodiversity. In primary school, she was often treated as a special needs kid, which affected her confidence. Her performance in secondary school improved when she moved to a school with more diversity and inclusivity among teachers.Seyi's book was targeted at two groups of people, the first being African families with neurodiversity who shy from these conversations due to the stigma. The second group includes other educators who primarily interact with
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Feb 10, 2024

Exploring Neurodiversity: Portfolio Career Management in Diverse Settings

Statistics from the Competition Market Authority (CMA) reflect this same issue. CMA revealed that people from ethnic minorities got twelve per cent less pay compared to white men. There were ten major findings highlighted. First, there are positive changes in some gaps, but challenges persist. Secondly, the underrepresentation of ethnic minorities in senior grades is a primary cause of the pay gap. Next, actions are focused on improving representation, career progression, and inclusivity. Also, the report uses various meshes like mean and median pay gaps, bonus gaps, and pay equalities. The report acknowledges the impact of competition specialists, ranging from digital data and technology, on the pay gap. Also, ethnicity pay gaps have reduced in some areas but increased in others.About Portfolio Careers: Portfolio Careers comes from a place of hustle culture. As Sarah plans to work less on the corporate ladder in 2024, she has initiated plans to create a portfolio career to enable her to maintain a 9-to-5. Portfolio Careers can also maximize income, dabble in the corporate world occasionally, and still build assets. They offer protection from
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Jan 7, 2024

Mindful Project Mastery: Adriana Girdler

In this episode,  I sit with Adriana Girdler, the owner and Chief Efficiency Officer of Cornerstone Dynamics, as she discusses the MVP strategy, a tool to improve our ability to achieve our goals both career-wise and in other aspects of life.Our guest today is Adriana Girdler, an expert in project management. Adriana's Ted talk on "The Power of Being Smart Lazy" highlights an approach to stop the "white noise" in life, consisting of several distractions that we don't realise are eating away at our time while pulling us away from our aspirations. Regarding AI's effect on project management, it should be noted that historically, we don't do a good job ethically with technology. With for-profit organizations developing AI, there is the concern of making decisions for the immediate gratification of money. That said, it does have benefits, so it will not be eliminated. Inevitably, there will be displacement with the advent of AI but government regulations are imperative. Interestingly, despite the advancements, there is still very little awareness of AI. The role of the project manager may change with the presence of
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Oct 22, 2023

Christian Faith and Neurodiversity.

Today's conversation focuses on the relationship between our Christian Faith and neurodiversity. While neurodiversity is often seen in a negative light, it is important to view it through the lens of the scriptures. One of these is Psalms 139:14 which says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Despite this, neurodiverse people find it difficult to fit in with society, especially because neurodiversity itself can be a stumbling block to carrying out activities. That said, these problems can be surmounted and should not be seen as a determinant of failure if people can look past their neurodiversity. Sarah also does this by focusing on her drive to help people rather than her neurodiversity. Another scripture is Jeremiah 1:5, which says before God formed us in the womb, He knew us. This means God has a plan for everyone and a person's neurodiversity is not a mistake. Hence, it is up to each person to navigate their neurodiversity to figure out their purpose. It may take some time but no matter the problem, the solution will reveal itself. There is also a need for
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Sep 10, 2023

Neurodivergent copywriter & Entrepreneurship

Our guest today is Andrew Mcdonald, a neurodivergent copywriter who helps other neurodivergent professionals launch and scale their businesses through marketing campaigns. A major part of Andrew's work involves considering the personalities of the people he works with. For his neurodiversity which includes OCD, trauma, and Rejection Sensitivity Disorder, it is more challenging to use cold emailing because of the large number of negative responses that come with it. The first requirement in building a mailing list is having a lead magnet using something that can be offered for free which also has value to potential clients but requires them to offer their email addresses. Understandably, a lot of neurodivergent professionals struggle with finding the confidence to start a business because of the stigma and negativity often ascribed to their neurodiversity. Delegating certain roles in the business to better-suited professionals can accelerate growth because it gives the entrepreneur more time to double down on aspects that are within their strengths. Despite the challenges neurodiverse people face, one of the common strengths of neurodivergent professionals is the ability to build communities around their businesses organically. The problem
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Aug 27, 2023

Empowering Neurodivergent Individuals: Self-Employed vs. Traditional Employment Journeys

A Joint venture is a business entity involving two or more parties where the returns risk and governance are shared between all the members involved. Profits are also shared often depending on the percentage of capital initially invested by the parties. The venture may later add more investors. Before starting a joint venture, it is paramount to keep four major considerations in view. The first of these is Careful Planning; assess whether it is the best way to achieve your goals using a SWOT Analysis to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This may be done alongside the business partner. Second is Open Communication; this helps to confirm that all stakeholders understand the basics of a joint venture agreement, including goals, resources, deal duration, and others. In-person meetings and virtual meetings can be interchanged depending on the arrangement.Next is Building Trust in the partnership; it may be fostered through transparency with information and clearly established performance metrics, all of which reduce unnecessary suspicion among partners. Lastly, Flexibility and adaptability can be very beneficial in creating room for opinions to be
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Jul 23, 2023

Agile PM Perspective Digging Deeper

There are eight principles to be applied in DSDM. The first principle to be discussed is "Focus on business needs". The project manager must ensure that members of the project team understand business priorities using MoSCoW (Must-have, Should-have, Could-have, and Won't have) both during and after the foundation, with necessary adjustments made as solutions are created. MoSCoW should also be followed throughout each time box. Delivering a solution on time is often the most important success factor,especially when market opportunities are involved. Hence, the project manager should ensure team members timebox the work while focusing on business priorities that have been set. Progress is measured by what is delivered in the allowed time, not how long it takes. Teams with active cooperation perform better than teams that work in loose association. Collaboration increases understanding and speed so the project manager should ensure team members behave collaboratively by involving the right stakeholders at the right time. Poor communication is often the biggest cause of project failure. DSDM practices improve effective communication and should be employed by the project manager to enable anyone to keep
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Jul 2, 2023

Brilliance Unleashed through Neurodiversity

In this episode, I feature  Onyinye Udokporo, a successful neurodiversity consultant who is also thriving as an entrepreneur, a speaker, an author, and in several other fields. Our guest today is Onyinye Udokporo, an entrepreneur, an educator, a dyslexic author, a neurodiversity consultant, and a content creator. She started tutoring classes at 12, which has now grown into one of her full-time businesses, Enrich Learning, aimed at facilitating learning in children and young people. Her other business is focused on creating neuro-inclusive safe spaces for neurodivergent people. Onyinye is now a columnist for Business Leader Magazine.Being black and neurodivergent is possibly the most complicated intersection for several reasons. These reasons include the general issues facing blacks, like the systemic racism restricting them from certain opportunities, the pressure to always be the best, religious beliefs in black communities, and the stigma that stems from a poor understanding of neurodiversity. As a result, black people are less represented in addressing this intersection. While many workplaces are sluggish in making their environments suitable for neurodiversity, mounting pressure on them may not be the
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Jun 25, 2023

Intersectionality of race and Neurodiversity

Today's guest is Patience Udonsi, a lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing and Social Work at the University of Salford, Manchester. Her research interest includes neurodivergence and she has experience working with neurodiverse individuals. The theory of intersectionality started based on findings that the treatment of black women was different from the treatment of white women such that even though there were interventions aimed at helping women generally, white women benefited more from such interventions. This also plays out in neurodiversity where a white neurodivergent male will face a milder set of challenges than a black neurodivergent female who is at risk of discrimination based on her race and gender added to her neurodiversity. This is because most spaces are not built to accommodate these identities, hence the experience is largely negative. Notably, the problem is largely a structural one that trickles down into different aspects of society as a whole. An example is structural racism. Research has shown that organizations that try to address racism will by the same methods address other forms of discrimination. Patience has worked with a young autistic boy
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Jun 18, 2023

Vulnerability of Neurodivergent's, Financial Scams and Budgeting

Today's discussion addresses the vulnerability of neurodivergent people to financial scams. Research has shown that neurodivergent individuals are at a higher risk of falling victim to financial scams, especially online. This may be due to the difficulty they have with social cues which makes them more trusting. Added to this is often impulsiveness that makes them vulnerable to the lure of the scam. The Humble Penny’s video on scams highlights more of this.To protect neurodiverse people from financial scams, education is crucial as it helps to identify these scams. It may involve getting financial advice from books, workshops, or financial advisers. Another approach is to create safeguards like limits on online transactions, alerts for unusual account activity, and refraining from sharing personal information online. A trusted family member can as well be involved in managing their finances. Budgeting can be challenging for neurodiverse people because it requires skills like planning, organizing, and time management. Budgeting has also been discussed in the Christmas episode of Divine Enigma. Some tools that help with budgeting include apps like Plum,  Stepladder, or Chip, automatic bill
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Jun 4, 2023

Reflections and Gaslighting within the workplace

In this episode, I highlight some challenges that come with having the uncertainty of work roles as well as lacking managerial support, and how professionals can go about tackling these issues.Generally, women are not comfortable talking about their ages, however, Sarah is marking her 39th birthday. The general belief is that by this age, people should have figured life out but for Sarah, every day is an adventure with wisdom to gain. The intersectionality of being a woman at work, who is black and neurodiverse can often be overwhelming and lonely. Even racism presents itself in the form of microaggressions. Sarah has experienced this which can be a confusing situation. In addressing work role uncertainty, it is necessary to sit with the boss to get clear direction because it is the job of your manager. You should not have to go to work unsure about what you're supposed to do. Part of the problem is the fluctuation between encouragement and antagonism from the employer. It may cause insecurity about your abilities. Sarah has had to encourage herself when necessary, understanding that the
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May 28, 2023

Agile PM - DSDM Products

The DSDM Agile project framework focuses on a set of products that describe the solution, the main deliverables of the project, and anything required to help with project governance and control or anything that helps with the process of evolving it. The formalities associated with each product depend on the project and the organisation. Terms of Reference define the top-level objectives of the project. The aim is to justify the feasibility phase. It is a governance product because it may be used for the prioritization of a project in a portfolio. The Business Case justifies the project. The justification is based on an investment appraisal determining whether the value of a solution to be delivered by the project warrants the cost to produce and maintain support for it.Prioritize Requirement List (PRL) describes the requirements the project needs to address as well as their priority in meeting the objectives of the project.The Solution Architectural Definition provides a high-level design framework for the solution, intended to cover both the business and technical aspects of the solution making the scope of the solution clear. The Development
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May 21, 2023

Ogaga Johnson- Conversations between two PMs

Ogaga studied engineering and then got a Master's in Sustainable Energy Systems. However, she got bored after working in the field for a while and then left the job. She later came across a project management course and had more interest in it. In 2015, she got a job as a project manager using the knowledge she gained from the course she took, and has fully transitioned ever since, working in several countries. The passion for impacting knowledge led Ogaga to found her project management Edtech company, where she helps professionals begin or advance their PM careers. Her company also helps startup businesses launch their project ideas through PM skills. One of the biggest challenges of project management is stakeholder management. In managing difficult stakeholders, it helps to listen and truly understand the reason for their resistance. As for cross-functional teams, there are several logistical considerations to make, especially the different work cultures of different teams. Also, part of this is identifying and ensuring the presence of the key stakeholders required for any particular meeting. Sending out meeting minutes and
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May 14, 2023

Agile PM Roles and Responsibilities

DSDM assigns clear roles and responsibilities to each person in a project. The color scheme in the DSDM team model represents different aspects. One of the roles categories is the Project Level Roles which includes the business sponsor, business visionary, technical coordinator, project manager, and business analyst. Another category is Solution Development Team Roles. These are the business ambassador, solution development, solution tester, business analyst, and team leader. Next is Supporting Roles including the business adviser, technical adviser, workshop facilitator, and DSDM coach. They provide assistance and guidance to the project on an ad-hoc basis. About the different roles; firstly the Business Sponsor role is the most senior project-level business role. This role is specifically responsible for the business case and the project budget throughout. The Business Visionary is also a senior role that should be held by a singular individual to avoid confusion and misdirection. The Technical Coordinator ensures that the project is technically coherent and meets desired technical standards. The role advises on technical decisions and innovation similar to the role of the business visionary from a business perspective. The Project Manager offers high-level ad-hoc
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May 7, 2023

Come learn with me AgilePM The DSDM Process

In this episode, I explain the DSDM Process, with emphasis on the phases involved and their roles in the project life cycle.The DSDM approach to development and delivery is both iterative and incremental, such that features are delivered in order of importance starting with the most important. DSDM integrates project management and product development into a single process. Often, DSDM alone is sufficient but may be combined with another methodology.The DSDM Process Module comprises a framework that shows the DSDM phases and is used to derive the project life cycle. The Pre-project phase ensures that the right projects are started and set up based on clear objectives. The Feasibility Phase determines whether the proposed project is technically feasible and cost-effective. This decides if further investigation is justified or if the project should be stopped. The Foundation Phase takes preliminary investigations from feasibility to the next level. It establishes a fundamental general understanding of the business rationale and the potential solution to be created without deep detail included. It lasts just a few weeks despite the size of the project. The aim here
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Apr 30, 2023

Film Media, Mental Health and Neurodiversity

In this episode, I sit with Rayna Lountzis Rayna is an entrepreneur, and a mother currently engaged in her Doctoral degree in film studies. She has not been diagnosed with any particular neurodiversity but suspects she has symptoms of ADHD. Her self-development journey started 3 years ago after which she also started her company, "Rayna Arts" last year. Rayna focuses on self-image because she believes authenticity is crucial. Authenticity involves showing up as yourself always, irrespective of the environment. She had to start removing the false ideas about herself to find happiness and a sense of fulfillment. Due to her neurodiversity, Sarah also has difficulty being herself completely but strives every day to attain the kind of freedom that comes with authenticity. Rayna works on a project called "Evolution Film" which addresses mental health and disability quality in the film industry. Most of the members are neurodivergent and from various backgrounds.The "Evolution Film" Project started with filling up the gaps in screenwriting jobs. The latest research shows that 9 out of 10 people in the film industry are either struggling with mental
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Apr 16, 2023

Understanding AgilePM - come learn with me part2

There are 8 principles of DSDM and compromising them puts the project at risk. The principles are; focusing on business needs, on-time project delivery, collaboration, never compromising on quality, incremental building from firm foundations, developing iteratively,  continuous clear communication and lastly, demonstrating control. While trying to maintain control of the project, if stakeholders present a frustrating attitude, the best approach may be to relinquish some of the responsibility.Every decision taken in a project should be in line with the project goal. It is also crucial to deliver projects on time as this is often the most important success factor. Late delivery can undermine the rationale for the project; it can result in government fines or missed opportunities. Teams that work in active cooperation will outperform groups that have poor cohesive operations. Collaboration increases work speed, shared ownership, and understanding. In DSDM, the level of quality to be delivered should be agreed upon at the start and all work must target that level. One of the key differences for DSDM in the Agile space is the concept of establishing firm foundations for
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Apr 9, 2023

Understanding AgilePM - come learn with me

Sarah is studying Agile Project Management. The first chapter discusses the Dynamic System Development Method (DSDM) and the Agile Business Consortium. DSDM is a framework for effective fast Agile project management and delivery. It has been applied to both small software developments and full-scale business process change. It provides a mature approach to Agile in a complex corporate world. It was created by a large number of project practitioners who wanted to build quality into "Rapid Application Development" (RAD). They initially only availed it to members of the consortium but later allowed it to be adopted universally for free. The DSDM Agile Project Framework is an evolution of the previous version of DSDM, which provides information to use DSDM effectively and understand its practical application. Agile PF retains DSDM project-focused principles together with its roles that are suited to a corporate project environment. The most significant change in the DSDM process has been in the area of the product associated with the process. In the past, many projects with a traditional approach failed either due to the large size, poor
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Apr 2, 2023

Christian faith and Neurodiversity

In this episode, I discuss a Biblical approach to neurodiversity, citing examples of neurodiverse individuals in the Bible. I also share strategies to promote a neurodiversity-friendly workplace as well as ways to harness the full potential of neurodiverse professionals.Neurodiversity describes the idea that people experience and interact with the world in many different ways; there is no right way of thinking or behavior. However, neurodiversity is often used in the context of neurological conditions or learning disabilities. Neurodiversity was coined by Judy Singer, an Australian sociologist to promote equality and inclusion of neurological minorities. Neurodiverse people must not be seen as disabled but as people who learn differently. Neurodiverse people are unlikely to think with the crowd; they challenge assumptions, assimilate and process things differently. They are creative, resilient, curious, and innovative. From the Bible (Gen 9:6, Psalm 8, Matt 22:15, Rom 8:29, James 3:9), it is seen that we are all perfect. Neurodiversity is not a mistake from God. God tells us that he delights in us and we are wonderful just the way we are. Sarah's faith as a Christian
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Mar 26, 2023

Cost Planning and Cost Control

In this episode, I explain the concepts of Cost Planning and Cost Control, highlighting the difference between the two and how they are applied by the project manager to achieve the goal of the project.Cost planning is the process of estimating the cost of a project before it starts, based on the estimated costs of its smaller components. Cost control is the process of monitoring and controlling the cost of a project and its progress by comparing the actual costs with estimates and making adjustments when necessary. PRINCE2 methodology offers at least a 10% buffer which is a contingency project for unforeseen cost changes. Also, considering the MoSCoW method (Must have, Should have, Could have, and Won't have); pivotal considerations must be made before any adjustments to a project. A good project manager must be aware of the cost planning for the project. This starts with a detailed assessment of the project scope as it is crucial to stick to the scope to avoid "scope creep" The goal of cost planning is to provide an accurate estimate which may not be
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Mar 19, 2023

Neurodiversity Celebration Week

In this episode, I talk about Neurodiversity Celebration Week, highlighting the aim of this celebration and how everyone can take part in supporting neurodivergent individuals.Neurodiversity Celebration Week is an annual event that takes place during the third week of March. The goal is to celebrate the strengths and talents of neurodivergent individuals including those with ADHD, dyslexia, and others. Neurodiversity is not a disorder or disability but a difference in thinking that can bring innovative ideas to society. To be able to celebrate neurodiversity, you need to learn more about it, and find out the unique strengths and challenges of different conditions that fall under it. This helps break down stigma and stereotypes. You can also advocate for inclusion and accessibility for neurodivergent people, including flexible working arrangements, assistive tools, and friendly environments. Attending or even hosting neurodivergent events such as webinars or workshops, is another way to join the celebration. This would aid in spreading awareness about neurodiversity. Sarah is offering a six-week coaching program for neurodivergent and neurotypical professionals who want to improve their career prospects or get into project
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Mar 12, 2023

Neurodiversity Celebration Week with Richard Peachey

Richard Peachey from an organization called Neurodiversity Celebration Week (NCW). Richard is the NCW coordinator and his work involves organizing events, updating the website, and working with NCW partners from Lexxic which is a top UK neurodiversity organization. NCW was founded in 2018 by Sienna who is also neurodivergent. She wanted to start a social movement aimed at changing the narrative from the medical model. This is particularly important because of the language used to describe neurodiversity including words like disorder, disability, or deficiency. The term "Neurodiversity" was coined by Judy Singer.Celebrating neurodiversity is a matter of pride as much as it is done to reveal the work required in this space. Scientific research puts neurodiversity at approximately 15 to 20% of the population and with the disparity surrounding neurodiverse folks, there is a need to change the narrative. Interestingly, lots of people who are neurodivergent do not keep full-time jobs; this is why they are likely to run their companies instead. NCW focuses a lot on education and now there is an inclination toward the justice system because there is
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Mar 12, 2023

Derek William Bentley

Today’s true crime episode focuses on Derek William Bentley who was born on the 30th of June 1933 in London, England, and was the youngest of six children. From the age of 19, he was unable to work due to epilepsy. In the 1950s, he was charged with murder after a failed burglary attempt resulted in the death of a police officer. Despite evidence to the contrary, he was sentenced to death. This case raised questions and debates on the use of capital punishment, hence his sentence was changed to life imprisonment following which he passed on in prison from “natural causes” which in fact meant death by hanging but was only described as “natural” because such death was natural based on the gravity of the alleged crime. Derek's case continues to be studied and serves as a reminder of the importance of a fair and just criminal system.The events of 2nd November 1952 led to his incarceration; Derek was in fact involved in a burglary attempt at a warehouse in South London where a police officer was shot and
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Mar 5, 2023

The ADHD father

Jacob is an advocate for a type of neurodiversity called ADHD, helping people and parents navigate the journey. He had been diagnosed with ADHD at age 14, and now uses his platform to highlight positive and inspirational people with ADHD, also providing resources for them.  As a dad with ADHD, he has had to figure out ways to process a routine when kids struggle with routines. Sleep is particularly important in ADHD because lack of it precipitates more symptoms. Jacob had initially been diagnosed with dyslexia as a kid, after which ADHD was diagnosed and he started medication. He had not shared much about his ADHD until his wife got pregnant, and he felt the need to interact with other parents having the same neurodiversity. ADHD in ladies can be quite subtle which causes the diagnosis to often be made much later in life. Medication is not compulsory for all ADHD cases because they present differently. For Jacob, it was crucial so he didn't get in trouble. As a child, Jacob was energetic, creative, and inquisitive. As a teenager, he
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Feb 26, 2023

Career Trauma and How to Superpower your project management career

The first step to overcoming career trauma is to identify the root cause and try to process them in a healthy way. If it was caused by discontent with your current career path, it may be necessary to change your field. If your trauma was caused by being passed up for a promotion or negative work interactions, then consider switching companies while also finding out areas you can improve on. Additionally, nurture other aspects of your life as it can help with managing career trauma. Race, disability, and gender are aspects of our life we have little control over, yet they have a major impact on career success. Despite the beliefs of others, it is important to love and respect yourself, and believe in your ability to achieve your goals. Focusing on what you have rather than what you don't have can be the mindset shift you need to succeed. Learn to be consistent in preparing yourself for success and you will be ready once the opportunity comes. Having a vision for your life also helps keep you focused.As difficult as
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Feb 19, 2023

Unfair Advantages & Privileges

I discuss the concept of Unfair Advantages and Privileges; how these show up in the everyday life of people, both personally and professionally, with reference to the role of a positive mindset in determining how they play out either as an obstacle or a superpower in our lives. At every stage of life, we often face challenges we have to surmount to move forward while we gain new knowledge. Having a positive mindset can have a tremendous impact on how we approach the challenges in our lives and our ability to overcome those issues over time. Not everyone can achieve and maintain a positive mindset, and this was discussed in the book "The Unfair Advantage". Reading this book helped Sarah realize that neurodiversity can be used to help people get further in life if they can get a better grasp of how they work, as well as how to harness this knowledge to their advantage. It is important to focus on factors within our control and understand that obstacles can be a blessing if we simply change our perspective. An
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Feb 12, 2023

Understanding PRINCE2 Quality Theme - come learn with me part2

The PRINCE2 quality review is to assess the conformity of a product against quality criteria, assess product quality, and confirm that the product is ready for approval. The role of Review teams is to ensure that the review is undertaken properly. The presenter introduces the product for review and represents the producers of the product.Reviewers should ensure to avoid personalizing issues, operate as a team and defer to specialist areas where necessary. Also, they should not introduce trivial issues like grammatical errors at reviews; this takes off some of the pressure from people with dyslexia. Reviewers should also come well-prepared. Too much time should not be given for responses as this may invite too many comments. Generally speaking, even having too many meetings is not necessary; Shopify, for example, has taken practical steps to cancel recurring meetings deemed unnecessary. There should be a complete focus on the main product, not related products. PRINCE2 defines a project as a temporary organization that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products according to an agreed business case. Resources Mentioned●     
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Feb 12, 2023

Understanding PRINCE2 Quality Theme - come learn with me

In this episode, I delve deep into the PRINCE2 guidelines, focusing on Quality and different crucial topics that surround it in project management.PRINCE2 stands for Projects In Controlled Environments. It is a project management methodology that provides a framework for managing and delivering projects in a structured way. It is recognized and used in government and corporate spaces in the UK and internationally. PRINCE2 is divided into 7 processes; starting a project, directing the project, initiating the project, controlling the stage, managing product delivery, managing a stage boundary, and loading a project. PRINCE2 can also be used alongside Agile methodologiesFrom Chapter 8 of the guide; the purpose of the quality theme is to implement the means by which the project will verify that products are fit for purpose. Underestimating this can lead to slippage, overspending, or poor quality results.  The quality theme addresses the quality methods and responsibilities for the management of the project. Terms used to talk about the quality are sometimes interpreted interchangeably which can lead to misunderstandings. PRINCE2 uses specific terminology derived from the ISO 9000 Standard but aimed
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Feb 5, 2023

Not every autistic is Rainman!

Our guest today is Toni, a neurodiversity coach based in Northampton, Massachusetts. She spent most of her life in the social service sector working with oppressed individuals and populations including people with developmental disabilities. She realized her love for coaching and started coaching neurodivergent individuals. Neurodiversity was a term coined because many of the deficits were under neurological minorities, and the term was a way to destigmatize individuals with such deficits Autism and ADHD.Research shows that there are specific coaching techniques that are beneficial to neurodiverse people. An example is asking the person to define two SMART goals they want to work on, and evaluate their progress every eight weeks. Sarah observed that coming to terms with her neurodiversity made life easier as she didn't have to mask the condition anymore, which is something a lot of neurodiverse people still do. This can be so exhausting that it causes burnout. For a new client starting with Toni, the first step would be a discovery call to determine if trust can be established, and to explain what coaching entails. Following this, they would
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Jan 29, 2023

Elijah McClain

I go through another true crime story, this time looking at Elijah McClain, a very gifted neurodiverse individual who was misunderstood by law enforcement and unjustly killed without any offense.Today's episode is a true crime series focused on the story of Elijah McClain, whose family described him as an athlete, pacifist, spiritual seeker, oddball, and extremely gentle soul. Based on this, the circumstances surrounding his death as narrated by the authorities do not add up. Born in 1996, his mum could tell he was exceedingly gifted. Sadly his talent was misunderstood and the schooling system didn't cater to kids with specific needs or he would have had the assessment to get a diagnosis of some form of autism.Elijah's mother decided to school him at home believing that it would match his learning style. It worked as he learned to play musical instruments. By 19, he got a certificate as a Massage Therapist and also incorporated traditional healing practices into his work. He also enjoyed running very long distances without any exhaustion. Despite his physical activities, he always felt cold and
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Jan 22, 2023

Dyslexia is not something to be ashamed of...

I sit with, Leddy Glenn, a certified life coach who successfully surmounted many of the challenges of her dyslexia, and now directs her efforts to help other neurodivergent people identify areas of difficulty particular to their neurodiversity, as well as set or achieve goals, irrespective of the challenge.Our guest today is Leddy, who had dyslexia growing up, and is now proud of her learning difference, teaching others that dyslexia is not a weakness but a superpower. Leddy is a former special education teacher for kids and young adults up to 21 years old.As a life coach, Leddy helps individuals find their strengths and put them first to be successful because most people with learning differences focus largely on the challenges. She also works with people having autism, ADHD, and other not-so-obvious disabilities. Sarah was diagnosed much later in life but the diagnosis helped her understand why her mode of learning was different from that of most people, and the tools made available created a huge difference for her. Leddy on the other hand was diagnosed in second grade around the
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Jan 15, 2023

Burn Out!

I define burnout and highlight the signs of burnout with views from other neurodiverse individuals, as well as simple steps to take for anyone experiencing burnout.Burnout is a state of physical and mental exhaustion that can occur due to long-term stress at work or working in a physically or emotionally draining role. Common signs include feeling helpless, trapped, tired or defeated, feeling detached or alone in the world, having self-doubt, procrastinating, feeling overwhelmed, and taking longer to get things done. When asked to identify the symptoms of burnout, 85% of UK adults correctly did, while 68% mistakenly identified symptoms of Anxiety. Burnout has a more detrimental effect on neurodiverse people. Generally, burnout occurs over a period of time, and, the longer it takes, the longer it is to recover. Life can be exhausting for a neurodiverse person. If you are feeling burnt out, take time off as much as you can but if your situation does not allow you to, then find short gaps of time in the day to take walks, rest or pray. Notable Quoteso   "The longer the period building
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Jan 8, 2023

SCORE mentoring and dyslexia a superpower!

SCORE used to stand for the Social Core of Retired Executives. It is a nonprofit based in the US, with volunteer workers, and it is partially funded by the SBA, banks, and other people. It consists of people who have business knowledge and want to help people who are just getting started in business, without charging any fees.Score mentorship gets funding from the Small Business Administration, grants, and sponsorships from banks or other businesses. Apart from the Score website,  Score mentorship also has individual, state, and regional-level websites, as well as a presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They hold an online workshop for free twice a week. In the UK, there is a system where people can be on benefits such that when starting a business, they can apply for a grant to get funding for their business idea, however, the person must meet certain conditions. Before starting a business, you need to be in the right mindset. Score mentorship often gives people homework to see how prepared they are for the business. Some of these include competition research, market studies,
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Dec 31, 2022

Diagnosed late with Neurodiversity & Masking

At 53 years old, Dora got diagnosed with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, both neurodiverse conditions. This masking is common among women or people of color because it is already hard enough getting work with these factors. To add neurodiversity, which is often misperceived as a disability would worsen the odds of getting a job. This mindset needs to change as companies need to understand that although some people learn differently, this doesn't make them less valuable. An official assessment test was carried out to confirm Dora's dyspraxia/dyslexia and there was a lot of support in place to help her with her work, including a quiet room to work, a unique laptop, and software tailor-made for her neurodiversity, as well as extra time to complete her tests or exams. Oftentimes, neurodiverse people have to do more work to truly perform at their best but this is not a disability. Although the test was strenuous, it was worth it after all. Oftentimes, neurodiverse people have to do more work to truly perform at their best but this is not a disability. Although the
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Dec 25, 2022

Christmas Special -Neuroinclusive Christmas, Finances, and Dealing with Loneliness

Neuroinclusive Christmas, Finances, and Dealing with Loneliness.In this episode, I share practical considerations for people going about festivities this holiday season, keeping in mind their neurodiverse loved ones, financial responsibility, and dealing with loneliness at this time.Today's topic focuses on the holidays, including a neuro-inclusive Christmas, finances, and dealing with loneliness. With the holidays, It is important to still moderate your expenses, to avoid running into a shortage of funds going into the new year. Also, have the right coping mechanisms to deal with loneliness during this period. While preparing for the holidays, there are provisions that you can make for neurodivergent loved ones as they have to deal with the pressures of societal norms in this period and sensory overload. Hence, arrangements should be made both at home and work since festivities would take place there. Additionally, when we identify things that make neurotypical individuals uncomfortable, we help them decompress by moving them away from the source of the nuisance. The last quarter of the year provides ample opportunities to spend money by trying to take advantage of seasonal deals, getting
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Dec 25, 2022

The Silent Twins

In this episode, I walk you through a true crime episode, sharing the real-life story of June and Jennifer Gibbons, popularly known as the silent twins, based on their unique mute nature. I describe their speech impediment, challenges they faced growing up, and how the poor understanding of their neurodiversity led up to a rather tragic end.Once a month like today, I will discuss a true crime series on people who have neurodiversity. Today's episode focuses on "The Silent Twins" , by June and Jennifer Gibbons, who were born on the 11th of April 1963 to Aubery and Gloria Gibbons. Growing up, it was observed that both of them could hear and understand people but had a speech impediment that made their words jumbled. Surprisingly, while it got more difficult for others to understand them, they could understand each other perfectly. By school age, their speech was almost completely unintelligible but they had developed a type of idioglossia such that the sound and formation of words were completely their creation. This phenomenon is often referred to as twin speech because
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Dec 18, 2022

Project management and successfully juggling multiple priorities

Episode Notes Today's discussion will be centred on project management. A project manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the project and must be competent in managing the 6 aspects of a project; Scope, Schedule, Finance, Risk, Quality, and Resources. An example of the scope statement is on my website which describes the scope of a website project for a business, with the acronym "MOSCOW"; what the website Must, Should, Could, and Won't have.  The first tip to manage multiple priorities is to have a master plan to identify what to accomplish first, preferably by using a Daily Planner. I will be creating a planner for neurodiverse people on my website for purchase. Secondly, you need to know how to organize tasks by priority. It may involve arranging tasks by the date and time when they need to get done. Thirdly, break your tasks into smaller activities. Next, limit distractions and this can include setting your phone on 'do-not-disturb’ mode, blocking or deleting apps, or turning off your devices completely.Resources Mentioned●      Learn more about project management: 
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Dec 11, 2022

Career Change & Autism

In this episode, I sit with Oluwaseye Ogunfidodo, a customer service adviser, working in retail and retraining to become a software developer. He shares some of the methods he employs to amplify his ability to learn and perform efficiently as a professional with neurodiversity.Our guest, Oluwaseye is currently a customer service adviser with a passion for tech, working for a food retail company and retraining to become a software developer. He recently moved into tech after being unsure of what career to go into for a long time. He also chose tech because it affords him the flexibility of having his work schedule at his pace without micromanagement.  Also a neurodiverse individual, Oluwaseye has a learning difficulty, autism, and dyslexia. He was diagnosed with autism as a kid, and while building a career has had to rely on his Christian faith and mentors. He still plans to get an assessment now as an adult. His mind spirals to figure out the particular tools that would help him learn better. The first tool that often helps is writing down notes and also
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Dec 4, 2022

Neurodiversity in the workplace and how to keep yourself organised

Welcome to the Divine Enigma Podcast, a safe place for project managers and professionals to learn to navigate the complexity of being neurodiverse in the workplace.In this episode, I talk about being a neurodiverse professional in a corporate setting, sharing insights from my experiences. We explore the tools I use to manage my dyslexia as a project manager and the soft skills that I have identified as crucial for any professional to excel in the workplace.Neurodivergent is a term used to describe individuals that have brain processes that behave or learn differently from everyday people. It may come with multiple disabilities like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, Tourette's syndrome, and others. As a neurodivergent, I have been diagnosed as dyslexic with ADHD although this diagnosis has never been shared for fear that it could easily become another factor that must be overcome to be taken seriously at work. However, being neurodivergent is a superpower, not something to be ashamed of; this was the inspiration behind the podcast name, Divine Enigma. Neurodiversity is the concept that all human beings vary in terms of
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Dec 1, 2022

Divine Enigma - Trailer

Divine Enigma is a safe place for project managers and professionals to give you the tools on how to navigate the complexity of being neuro-diverse in the workplace.This is a podcast where people can unpack some of the nuances of navigating through the corporate landscape and getting in the right mindset to elevate their careers! Enjoy the trailer as we gear-up to launch podcast episodes week by week!For the coaching plan please email!
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