Hi! Check out my podcast where I share how I navigate the complexity of being a Neurodivergent Project Manager.

Tap into your incredible potential as a neurodivergent Project Manager! Embrace the unique strengths that set you apart and harness them for unparalleled success in the professional arena. Join our dynamic community and allow me to guide you in navigating the exhilarating challenges and opportunities that come with neurodiversity in project management. Please tune in to my latest podcast episode, and let’s embark on your transformative journey today!

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Finding Love and Success as a Neurodivergent Black Man

About Me

I’m a black woman with ADHD and dyslexia. I know how hard it can be to focus and get things done. That’s why I help people like you! I can help with:

Finding a great job
Starting your own business
Managing your time and tasks
My background in project management helps me create plans that work for you.

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