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December 11, 2022

Career Change & Autism: Tips for Flexibly Transitioning into Your Passion

Switching careers is never easy, but it might feel even harder with the added challenges of autism. Many people on the spectrum are interested in pursuing their passions but unsure where to start. This blog post is for all the corporate workers who have side hustles, are on the spectrum, and thinking about making a career change. We will be giving tips for flexibly transitioning into your passion and overcoming any hurdles that may arise. And who knows, this might Read More
January 1, 2023

Diagnosed late with Neurodiversity & Masking

Neurodiversity and masking are two terms that have become increasingly more well-known in recent years. With growing awareness, many are finding themselves relating to the symptoms and experiences that come with being neurodiverse. For adults who have been diagnosed late or have yet to receive a diagnosis, the news can be overwhelming. However, the good news is that there are still steps you can take to improve your life and wellbeing. In this blog post, we’ll be diving into what Read More
August 27, 2023

Elevating Neurodiversity – Project Managers, Professionals, and Side Hustlers!

Breaking news causing excitement: Divine Enigma has soared to the impressive No. 7 position among the Top 35 Neurodiversity Podcasts on Feedspot! This remarkable feat further fuels our unwavering dedication to fostering understanding, support, and empowerment within the dynamic neurodiverse community. From the very beginning, Divine Enigma has been on a mission to demystify neurodiversity, all while basking in its brilliance. This podcast is an essential platform for various discussions – from deep-diving into insightful conversations and sharing heartwarming stories to Read More
December 4, 2022

Neurodiversity in the workplace and how to keep yourself organised

Welcome to Divine Enigma A platform dedicated to supporting neurodiverse professionals, particularly project managers and working professionals. Neurodiversity refers to the idea that all human beings vary in neurocognitive ability. As someone diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD, I believe being neurodivergent is a superpower and not something to be ashamed of. Navigating the workplace as a neurodiverse individual can be challenging, however, am happy to share my experiences and insights on managing dyslexia as a project manager. What is Neurodiversity? Read More
June 25, 2023

The Intersectionality of Race and Neurodiversity: Understanding the Overlap for Effective Management

Regarding diversity and inclusion initiatives, race and neurodiversity are often treated as separate issues. But in reality, these two aspects of diversity intersect in complex ways that can impact productivity, communication, and team dynamics. As a project manager or professional with a side hustle, it's essential to deeply understand the intersectionality of race and neurodiversity to create a truly inclusive workplace. This post will explore this intersection and how you can navigate it effectively. Understanding the Intersectionality of Race and Read More
July 3, 2023

The Pros and Cons of Traditional Employment vs. Entrepreneurship for Neurodivergent Individuals

If you identify as neurodivergent, you may have considered whether traditional employment or entrepreneurship best fits you. While both have benefits, it's important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding. That's where prosperity coaches come in. These professionals help individuals achieve their goals by guiding finances, career development, and personal growth. And while they can be instrumental in helping people succeed in traditional employment or entrepreneurship, it's important to acknowledge that there are downsides to relying solely on being Read More

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