Intersection of Neurodiversity, Church Hurts, and Community Empowerment: A Deep Dive into My Journey

January 13, 2024


Embark on a profound exploration of the intricate interplay between neurodiversity, church hurts, and community empowerment through my personal journey. This authoritative blog unravels the complexities surrounding church disappointments, toxic relationships, and the transformative power of neurodiversity, establishing itself as a beacon of insight and empowerment in the digital realm.

My Unique Narrative:

Dive into the tapestry of my life, shaped by experiences in both predominantly white and black churches, where my dyslexia was met with understanding and grace. This blog sets the stage for a thought-provoking discussion on the challenges within religious communities, resonating with a diverse audience seeking authenticity and wisdom.

Analysing Influential Figures:

Delve into a critical examination of prominent figures such as Bishop Eddie Long, TD Jakes, and TB Joshua, exploring the controversies surrounding power dynamics, sexual misconduct, and their impact on vulnerable individuals. This incisive analysis positions the blog as an authoritative source on relevant societal issues.

I believe the accusations are only accusations at the moment; if we examine each case, they are all based on power, sex, greed and control. human beings always seek these things, and therefore, in the process, vulnerable people do get hurt!

In TD Jakes’s case, freak off with P Diddy, Bishop Eddie Long, young black boys being sexually abused, as they are looking for a father figure and TB Joshua, using power to trap young men and women into slavery and sexual abuse.

Power, sex, greed and control are why people tend to behave this way.

Why are people so intent on having power?

Decoding the Pursuit of Power:
Unearth the motivations driving the relentless pursuit of power within religious circles, from survival instincts to societal hierarchy. This insightful exploration, backed by psychological and sociological perspectives. For example in The Laws of Human Nature Robert Green states that  You like to imagine yourself in control of your fate, consciously planning the course of your life as best you can. But you are largely unaware of how deeply your emotions dominate you. They make you veer toward ideas that soothe your ego. They make you look for evidence that confirms what you already want to believe. They make you see what you want to see, depending on your mood, and this disconnect from reality is the source of the bad decisions and negative patterns that haunt your life. Rationality is the ability to counteract these emotional effects, to think instead of react, to open your mind to what is really happening, as opposed to what you are feeling. It does not come naturally; it is a power we must cultivate, but in doing so we realize our greatest potential’

Here are some of the reasons.

Survival Instincts Throughout human evolution, the quest for power and dominance has often been linked to survival. In a competitive environment, having power can provide individuals better access to resources, increased chances of reproduction, and enhanced protection from potential threats. I also believe it can stem from trauma and therefore that trauma is making you want to be in control and have power

Social Hierarchy Humans are social beings, and societies tend to organise themselves into hierarchical structures. Power often translates into higher social status and access to valuable resources, leading individuals to seek power to improve their standing in the social hierarchy. Being the top dog! Or the one at the top means you have control over people and their ideas.

Control and Autonomy Power gives individuals a sense of control over their lives and the ability to influence the world around them. The desire for autonomy and the ability to shape one’s environment can motivate seeking power.

Cultural and Social Conditioning Cultural and societal norms play a significant role in shaping individual aspirations. In some cultures, power is highly valued and equated with success, leading individuals to pursue it as a societal ideal. This is typical  in the black community and this also come from internalised racism which is another topic to discuss in detail.

Why are people so intent on using sex to control others?

Unmasking the Role of Sex in Control:
Navigate through a candid exploration of the misuse of sex as a tool for control, reflecting on my personal journey within my neurodivergent condition. The blog addresses the lack of empathy in some individuals and positions itself as a guide for understanding and navigating the intersectionality of power and sexuality.

Some individuals may lack empathy or have difficulty understanding and respecting the feelings of others. This can lead to a disregard for the emotional well-being of their partners, resulting in harmful sexual behaviour.

It makes me think about my relationship as a Christian and how, due to my neurodivergent condition, I was manipulated into getting into a toxic and dangerous relationship with a man in my previous church and how this caused a lot of church hurt for me and almost making me question why I should believe in God, when the people in the church were so nasty and evil. I will not go into too much detail as to what I went through as I still up today deal with the trauma of it.However, although I have healed from it, it has made me think about what the scriptures says about what to do when you have been abused by people who go to church with you.

The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I come that they might have life and have it more abundantly. John 10:10. I think of the thief as the devil, and I also believe that just as much the devil is working in the world, he is working in the church, so we need to be mindful as believers.

In Matthew 26: 21-23, Judas betrayed Jesus, and in John 13.2, The evening meal was in progress, and the devil had already prompted Judas, the son of Simon Iscariot, to betray Jesus.

It just means that evil is everywhere in this world, and we need to watch and pray Matthew 26: 41 -keep watch and pray so that you will not give in to temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak!” Stay alert and pray so you don’t wander into temptation without knowing you’re in danger.

Navigating Church Hurt:
Emerge from the shadows of church hurt with my poignant reflections on my Christian journey and the impact of toxic relationships. By sharing my story, I provide a roadmap for others grappling with similar experiences, positioning the blog as a trusted resource for healing and resilience.

Healing from church hurt is a collective journey that requires the active participation of religious communities. By fostering awareness, engaging in open dialogue, and creating inclusive spaces, we can transform our places of worship into sanctuaries of love, understanding, and hope. Through these intentional efforts, we can build bridges towards a more compassionate and supportive future for all members of our faith communities.

Sarah’s journey with ADHD and dyslexia has led her to establish Divine Enigma, a coaching programme and neurodiversity platform that empowers individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their professional goals. Recognising that neurodivergent conditions can be perceived as obstacles, Sarah’s coaching programme is designed to help individuals leverage their unique strengths for career and business success.

As we navigate the nuanced landscape of neurodiversity, church hurts, and community empowerment in the new year, this blog stands as a beacon of authority and inspiration. Position yourself on the forefront of understanding and change by engaging with my journey and the empowering resources offered by Divine Enigma

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Sarah’s story exemplifies the transformative power of embracing neurodivergence, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and success. As you navigate the complexities of neurodiversity in the new year, consider reaching out to Divine Enigma for personalised support and becoming a part of the NeuroEnigma community for a journey of empowerment and connection.

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