Neurodiversity — How to Stop Becoming Overwhelmed in 2024

January 2, 2024

Let’s face it, people with ADHD, autism, or dyslexia often find the typical office life pretty tough. They’ve got so much to offer, but sometimes it just doesn’t fit with the usual way of doing things. They might have awesome ideas but they struggle to get them across in a meeting. Or maybe they’re super talented but get overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle around them. 

To support individuals facing similar challenges, Divine Enigma is making a real difference. Divine Enigma podcast covers everything from managing stress to excelling in project management, all from a neurodivergent perspective. Each episode touches on the often-ignored but important topics to help neurodivergent entrepreneurs and corporate workers understand and accept themselves, embrace diversity in their thoughts, and become better versions of themselves. 

Here’s a sneak peak of a few standout podcast episodes:

Each episode is a little journey of its own, and I hope they bring you some insights and smiles. You can listen to all episodes here

Sarah, the founder of Divine Enigma, is a black woman who’s turned her struggle with ADHD and dyslexia into a powerful coaching programme. If you’re working towards your career or business growth but feel like ADHD and dyslexia are holding you back, Sarah’s here to work with you to build a plan that plays to your strengths. 

Contact to join Divine Enigma’s 1-to-1 coaching program tailored to your unique needs. You can also join NeuroEnigma – a platform for neurodivergent individuals that packs unique features like a supportive community, group coaching calls, networking opportunities, mentorship, and much more.

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